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Closed mechanical CNC turret

SXOJ Series Closed mechanical CNC Turret Punching Machine

SXOJ Series Closed mechanical CNC Turret Punching Machine

Front view:

Opposite view:

Lateral view:


  • Punching processing and shallow drawing forming processing can be done by it.
  • Composed of computer control system; mechanical power system; servo feeding mechanism; die library(turret) and selection system; peripheral programming system and so on.
  • Can be customized, such as :nominal pressure; throat depth; workstations quantity; color; etc.,

Work principle:     

      Closed type mechancial CNC turret punching machine by the programming software (or manual) processing program; by the servo feeding mechanism sent the plate to the required processing position; at the same time, by the die selection system choose the appropriate die from the turret; by the mechanical system according to the procedure of punching; automatic completion of the work piece processing.


  • High processing precision; stable processing quality; (punching accuracy:+-0.1mm; repeat positioning accuracy:+-0.02mm)

Various shape complex parts and shallow drawing forming process such as louver; shallow deep hole; flanging hole; reinforcing rib; stamping; shallow bending; forming; etc., can be done through adjustment the die and appropriate multi die linkage.

  • Fast processing speed; high productivity
  • With high degree of automation, can greatly reduce the labor intensity.


  • Various shapes and sizes holes and parts can be processed by using the way of single punching or step punching.
  • Widely used in punching processing machinery; electrical appliances; instruments; screens (meshs); hardware; all kinds of metal plates; boxes; cabinets; and other industries.
  • Very suit for batch plate processing.

Main parts features:

  • Fuselage:

  • Structure: "O" shape; closed type; high operation stable.
  • High strength 30 mm thick carbon steel plate welded.
  • After rigorious integral heat treatment, stress relief annealing.
  • Surface blasting treatment.
  • Crossbeam and clamps:

  • Lengthen crossbeam(up to 3700mm). 
  • Integrated structure.
  • Dual drive:linear guide rail (HIWIN) and large stroke ballscrew (TBI).

  • Full floating clamps, strong clamping force.
  • Turrets and dies:

  • High strength wear resistant ductile iron thick turret (upper:80mm lower:70mm).
  • Processed by special fixture in pairs.
  • Internationally general standard long oriented die (85 series).
  • Lateral positioning technology.
  • Die tray and die base are fixed by pegs. (details as follows)


  • Servo motor and three stages gear transmission case:

  • Panasonic brand servo driver and motor.

  • Military technology (three stages gear transmission case)
  • Precision Meihua type coupling.
  • Adopts gear and chain transmission.
  • Feeding mechanism:

  • Wide seat linear guide rail (HIWIN)original imported from Taiwan.
  • Large stroke ballscrew (TBI) original imported from Taiwan.
  • Unique design and technologyconnect with the crossbeam as a whole, with super stability.
  • Lenghten crossbeam(up to 3700mm)
  • Worktable:

  • Brush and univerball mixed worktable.
  • Auto-indexs:

  • Auto index adopts turbine worm transmission mode with good stability and high accuracy.
  • With the features of high transmission ratio; good self locking; eliminating backlash;high precision indexing; easy to adjust and do not bite die.
  • Automatic lubrication device:

  • Pneumatic device:

  • Control cabinet:

  • Semi product view:

  • Unique assembly process:
  • Grinding on both bottom of the turret to ensure the smoothness of the surface;
  • Liquid nitrogen cooling treatment to installation the cone pin;
  • The turrets are processed by special fixture in pairs;
  • The turret can be assembled after inspection qualified by the "three coordinate measuring instrument";
  • Linear guide rail and ballscrew can be assembled by laser collimator;
  • All of welding and casting parts can be assembled after tempering and inspecting;
  • All machining parts are completed by machining center and after inspecting

Main Technical Parameters:

No. Name Parameters Unit Remark
1 Nominal Pressure 300 KN 30(T)
2 Fuselage Structure "O"   Closed
3 Turret Structure Thick Turret mm 80/70
4 Die Structure 85 Series long oriented   Internationally general type
5 Clamps Structure/Numbers Full Floating type Sets 2
6 Auto indexs nnumber   Sets 2
7 Auto index Transmission Mode Turbine worm Transmission    
8 Control Axis Numbers 3/4 pcs Autoindex Optional
9 Repositioning Cylinder 2 pcs  
10 Worktable Structure Brush and Univer ball Mixed    
11 Workstation Distribution A/B/C/D   Optional
12 Punching Accuracy +-0.1 mm  
13 Repeat Positioning Accuracy +-0.02 mm  
14 Throat Depth 1280 mm Optional
15 Punch Stroke 40 mm  
16 Max. Punching Frequency 270 t/min 180/270 
17 Max. Processing Plate Size 2500/5000*1250 mm Optional
18 Max. Processing Plate Thickness 5 mm  
19 Max. Plate Feeding Speed 80 m/min  
20 Max. Punching Diameter Ø88.9 mm  
21 Max. Workpiece Weight 150 kg  
22 Turret Rotary Speed 30 r.p.m  
23 Main Motor Power 5.5 KW  
24 Total Power 13.8 KW AC/3PH/380V
25 Gas Source 0.6/0.15 MPa  
26 Dimension (L*W*H) 4600*5000*2200 mm  
27 Weight 10 T  

Main Configurations:

Main Parts Main Configurations
CNC System IPC+Motion control card+USBkey
AC Digital Servo Driver and Motor Panasonic   (Japan)
Linear guide rail HIWIN  (Taiwan)
Ballscrew TBI        (Taiwan)
IPC IEI          (Taiwan)
Pneumatic Components STNC    (Japan)
Electrical Components OMRON; CHINT
Die Internationally long oriented 
CNC Software New upgrade dedicate punching system

Die Distributions:

Documents along with the machine:

No. Name Q'ty Remark
1 Packing List 1  
2 Certificate Of Conformity 1  
3 Use Manual 1  
4 Programming Manual 1  
5 Operating Manual 1  
6 Foundation Figure 1  
7 Electrical Schematic Wiring Diagram 1  
8 Adjustment Iron 6  
9 Six angle Wrench 1 (M2.5-M12)
10 Compressed Air Gun 1  

Users need to be prepared:

No. Name Requirement
1 Gas Source 0.6MPa; Dry and clean compressed air
2 Power 50HZ; 380V; Voltage Fluctuation:+-10%
3 Ambient Temperature 0°-40°
4 Ambient Humidity Relative humidity 20-80% RH(non condensing
5 Interference Away from strong vibration and electromagnetic interference
6 Environment Less dust; no harmful and corrosive gas
7 Foundation Prepared by the foundation of the supplier
8 Personnel 2 personel training (serious, good learning)