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Open pneumatic change mould

Open type air clutch pneumatic change mould punching machine collocation with table type automatic feeding machine

Open type air clutch pneumatic change mould punching machine collocation with table type automatic feeding machine

  SXJQ series Open Type Air clutch Pneumatic Change Mould CNC Punching Machine Equipped with Platform Type Automatic Feeding Machine.

Performance and Characteristics:

  • Multi stations pneumatic change mould structure, convenient installation, simple and rapid; it can equipped with non-standard multi punching mould, save time to improve efficiency.
  • Equipped with new upgrade Qingdao Xiang Star CNC punching machine dedicated system, can realize the field programming, background programming.
  • Equipped with RS232 standard interface, network card, can be connected with other computers, local area network, the world wide web to facilitate the connection, communication.
  • Equipped with industrial grade brand computer, with quake-proof, anti interference functions, simple operation, friendly interface
  • 80G hard drive can achieve large limited storage file.
  • Pulse encoder semi closed loop feedback.
  • Taiwan brand servo drive and motor (Delta)
  • Taiwan imported precision guide ball screw (TBI), to better ensure the processing accuracy, working efficiency
  • Taiwan imported precision linear guide rail (HIWIN), to ensure high precision, long life.
  • Brand coupling to ensure lasting and durable, high correction coefficient.
  • AutoCAD graphics automatic conversion.
  • CAD drawing has mold library options, and can be preview it in the CAD document.
  • Plate can be completed in the program after the automatic repeat positioning, accurate positioning, can be achieved in large quantities of sheet metal processing.
  • Batch processing, can achieve one button operation, convenient and quick.
  •  Punching machine body adopts steel plate welded structure, good rigidity, small deformation, large closing height, long mold guide, easy to use, reliable, low noise, long life.
  • Universal ball table, which suitable for different thickness plates
  • Motor cable has protective cover protection, prevent oil, waterproof, prevent pollution.
  • The main electrical components are placed in the box to prevent leakage of wires, both safe and easy to maintenance and protection.
  • Equipped with manual centralized lubrication pump, the lubricating oil will be fed directly to the lubrication point, reduce the labor intensity of workers, reduce the friction of the sports, improve the service life.
  • Have a number of mechanical and electrical failure alarm display
  • With mold compensation function, with the breakpoint processing function.

 Main technical parameters:

<1>: Main technical parameters of 2500*1250 feeding machine:

1> Adapt to the press of the nominal pressure (T):  6.3 – 100   (T)

2> Feed Precision (mm):  ± 0.10 (mm)

3> Feed Rate (m/min):     30   (max.)

4> Speed Setting:          step- less

5> Max. Zize of processing sheet material:   2500*1250 (mm)

6> max. Processing sheet thickness (mm):   3(mm)

7 >X/Y Nominal Stroke (mm) :    2500/1250 (mm)

8> Clamp numbers:                 2

9> Gas Source (MPa):          0.8 - 0.6 (MPa)

<2>: The basic parameters of the SXJQ25 series mechanical cylinder type pneumatic change mould CNC punching machine:

1> Nominal Pressure (KN):    250 (KN)

2> Distance from the bottom dead center to slider (mm): 5.5

3> Slide Stroke (mm):      80

4> Number of Stroke (times / min):    120

5>Max. die height (mm):  180

7> Die height adjustment (mm):  70

8> Distance from the slide block to the fuselage (mm):1000

9>Punching Accuracy (mm):  ± 0.10

10> Control Axis:   3

11> Motor Model / Power (KW):  Y132S-8/2.2Kw

12> Air Pressure ( MPa):   0.6

13> Body structure:       open

<3>: Main parts of Auotmatic Feeding Machine:

1> CNC feed machine:  homemade

2> Mechanical pneumatic change mold punching machine: homemade

3> Mold, Mold-shelving, Power distribution cabinet: homemade

4 >Precision ball screw:  Taiwan (TBI)

5> Linear guide:  Taiwan (HIWIN)

6 >Servo motor and drive: Taiwan (Delta)

7> Industrial control machine: Taiwan (IEI original brand machine)

8> Electrical control system:  homemade

9> 19 "color display:     DELL

10> Control card:  Raiter technology (DMC1410 card)

11> Control software:   homemade

12> Main electrical components: intermediate relay (OMRON)

                                                             Proximity switch (Turck)

13> Main pneumatic components:  STNC

Provide accessories and parts:

<1>. Files:

  • Packing list:   1 
  • Certificate of conformity1 
  • Instruction manual (Mechanical): 1 
  • Programming manual:  1 
  • Operating manual: 1 
  • Foundation Figure of delivery fax to the customer: 1 
  • Electrical schematic wiring diagram: 1 

<2>. Accessories:

  • Adjustable wrench 18 inch:  1
  • Climbing pole:    1
  • The clutch spring (material 65Mn):  4
  • Slider safe (material 45#): 1
  • Brake band (65Mn/ copper asbestos):  2

User side should be given the cooperation:

  • Gas source: 0.6 MPa, dry and clean compressed air.
  • Power: 50HZ, 380V, voltage fluctuation of: -10%-+10%
  • Ambient temperature: 0 degrees +40 - C degrees C
  • Ambient humidity: relative humidity 20-80%RH (non condensing)
  • Away from the strong vibration and electromagnetic interference
  • Less dust, no harmful and corrosive gas environment
  • According to the foundation of the supplier to prepare the foundation
  • Users should be selected with more than secondary school (at least high school above) of the 2 personnel training, and make long-term stable arrangement.


     This series punching machine are widely used in the metal furniture,  cabinet board, kitchen equipment, lamps, cap forming, can making production lines, instruments , solar water heaters, batteries iron panel, architectural decorative panels, auto parts, silencer plates, screens etc. cold stamping processing industry.

Quality assurance:

 In order to ensure the quality, and strive to do the following aspects:

  • Strictly implement the international standards and the enterprise standards
  • According to ISO series of standards to establish and improve the quality management system
  • Pay attention to improve product quality of the procurement of components; to increase the system integration efforts and the matching degree of the related components
  • Formulating scientific and standardized assembly process and quality control process, according to the assembly process's and quality inspection process's requirements to assemble the equipment.


  • Pre-sale service:

Provide a variety of advisory services (This service is free of charge).

  • Sale service:

1> Installation and commissioning:

When equipment shipped to the buyer, in the assistance of the buyer, the seller is responsible for the installation and commissioning.

2>Training: (operations and maintenance)

Training contents includes:

<1>the punching machine safety knowledge

<2>the basic structure and principle of the punching machine

<3>the control system operation skills

<4>the equipment operation and matters needing attention

<5>the equipment maintenance, adjustment and replacement spare parts of the punching machine’s operation skills

Training time is about 5 days.

  • After sales service:

One year warranty, life-long maintenance

Within the warranty period of the equipment, the mechanical failure damage (human factors and resistance factors excluded), the seller is responsible for free repair, replacement parts provided by seller free of charge (consumables except).

Out of the warranty period, only according to the actual cost of maintenance fee collection.

 Company profile:

    Qingdao Xiang Star CNC Machinery Co., Ltd. as an original state owned restructured enterprise, we have more than 12 years experience in manufacturing and service in the sheet metal processing industries. Especially in the field of manufacturing CNC punch press and Fiber laser cutting machine. We would like to establish direct business relations with the whole world customers on the basis of equality and mutual benefits.