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Fault diagnosis of CNC punch press

The following principles should be mastered in the fault diagnosis:
  • External-Interior
The reliability of modern CNC system is getting higher and higher, and the fault rate of CNC system is getting lower and lower, and most of the faults are caused by the non system itself. As CNC machine tools are integrated of mechanical, hydraulic, electrical; the fault will be reflected by the three parts. Maintenance personnel should be from external to interior, one by one investigation. To avoid arbitrarily unsealed, remove, otherwise it will expand the fault, loss the precision and reduce performance. External faults are mainly due to the failure of the detection switch, hydraulic components, pneumatic components, electrical components, mechanical devices etc.,.
  • Mechanical - Electrical
Generally speaking, mechanical faults are easy to detect, and the diagnosis of CNC system and electrical fault is very difficult. So, first of all, pay attention to the mechanical failure.
  • Static - Dynamic
First, in off the static state, through understanding, observation, testing, analysis, confirmed after the power will not cause the failure to expand, then in the running state, the dynamic observation, inspection and testing, find fault. 
  • Simple - Complex
When there are multiple failures intertwined, should be the first to solve the simple problem, then solving the more difficult problems. Often simple problem solving, the difficulty of the problem may also become easy.
  • Start diagnosis
Starting diagnosis is the CNC system from the beginning of the power, the system internal diagnostic procedures on the automatic diagnosis. The diagnosis of the content of hardware and system control software is the key of the system, such as CPU, memory, I/O modules, and MDI/CRT unit, paper tape reader, a floppy disk unit device or an external device. The whole system can only enter the normal operation state when all the items are confirmed to be correct. Otherwise, the CRT screen or light emitting diode is used to indicate the fault information to the alarm mode. At this point the start of the diagnosis process can not be over, the system can not be put into operation.
  •  On-line diagnosis
Online diagnosis refers to the CNC system installed in the program, connected to the CNC system and the CNC device in the system is in normal operation state of each servo unit, servo motor, spindle and spindle motor servo units and external devices such as automatic diagnosis and inspection. As long as the system does not power outage, the online diagnosis will not stop.
  • Off-line diagnosis
Off-line diagnosis is that after the failure of CNC system, CNC system manufacturers or professional maintenance center using dedicated diagnostic software and testing equipment for shutdown (or offline) inspection. Strive to locate the fault to the extent possible, such as reduced to a functional module, a part of the circuit, or even a chip or component, this fault location is more accurate.