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Application scope and advantages of optical fiber laser cutting machine

    Fiber laser cutting machine used in sheet metal processing, advertising signs, word production, chassis electrical cabinets, machinery parts, kitchen bathroom, auto parts, machinery manufacturing, metal crafts, saws, electric parts, glasses industry, spring film, circuit board, electric kettle, medical electronics, hardware, doors and windows industry etc..
    Advantages of fiber laser cutting machine:
  •  high cutting speed: 2 times the same power CO2 laser cutting machine, while meeting the requirements of plate, pipe cutting;
  • high stability: the key components of the service life of up to 100 thousand hours, greatly saving cost;
  • very low cost of use: the whole machine power consumption is only similar 20%-30% laser cutting machine CO2;
  • very low maintenance cost: fiber optic transmission, without reflecting lenses, save a lot of maintenance costs;
  • the product operation and maintenance is convenient, optical fiber transmission, no need to adjust the circuit;