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Fiber laser cutting machine

Platefrom Type Series Fiber laser cutting machine

Platefrom Type Series Fiber laser cutting machine

GX Platform Type Series Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

   To let you have an intuitive understanding about fiber laser cutting machine, let me have an introduction, it can be divided into the following parts:

1. Laser generator:

2. Laser cutting head:

3. Water chiller:

4. Exhaust and dust filter system parts:

Commonly contains: exhaust fan; flexible pipe and hopper.

 Exhaust Fan

  Flexible pipe

5. CNC parts:

Commonly contains: cutting software; High control; IPC; Display; control cabinet.


Cypcut software and high control

Control babinet (IPC+Displayer)

6. Machine body parts :

Commonly contains: Fuselage; Crossbeam; Z axis motion control device; Linear guide rail; Pinion and Rack; Servo driver and Servo motor; Reducer; Lubrication device; Proportional valve; Auxiliary electrical and pneumatic components; outer sheet metal of the machine; and stuff.

Fuselage: (12mm carbon steel welded; after rigorous stress relief annealing heat treatment) 

Crossbeam:(through rigorous stress relief heat treatment)

Z axis motion control device (purchased from professional manufacturers-TDC)

Pinion and rack (KH, Original imported from Taiwan)

Linear guide rail (HIWIN, Original imported from Taiwan)

Servo motor (Delta) and Reducer (MOTOREDUCER, FRENCH)

Servo driver

Lubrication device (automatic)

Proportional Valve


Main Features:

  All the above parts , we adopt genuine goods purchased from the professional manufacturers or from the provincial first class agents, with good and stable; reliable; durable; high accuracy features. 

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